Like any moving parts, machines, or appliances in your home, your garage door requires a bit of ongoing maintenance and TLC to keep it working properly (and for as long as possible).

What type of garage door upkeep should you put on your calendar for the next year?

Clean and Lubricate all of the Moving Parts
Once a year, apply white lithium grease or a spray lubricant to all of the moving components. This includes the chains, gears, and springs. Afterward, watch everything to ensure that it moves up and down smoothly. Be sure to check that the door is balanced during the process.

Check the Motor and Rollers
Twice each year, make sure that the primary machinery is working properly. Most garage door rollers tend to wear out over time (although it can take several years) and may need to be replaced. If yours are showing signs of cracking or chipping, get an estimate on changing them out.

Examine the Cable Tension
A tight garage door cable could cause severe physical harm or death, should it snap. If your door isn’t moving smoothly along the track or fails to stop when something is in the way, the tension may be off. Do not attempt to fix this yourself, but rather call an expert like our garage door repair company in Grayson.

Listen for Noises
Squeaks, jerking noises, and scraping sounds are an indication that your garage door isn’t moving properly along the tracks. If you haven’t cleaned the tracks in a while, wipe them with a damp, soapy cloth.

If you have questions or concerns about your Grayson home’s garage door, contact our experts to book a complimentary consultation. We’ve been serving families like yours for over 35 years.

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