You’re running late. The dog wouldn’t come back into the house, you were scrounging to find that extra $2 to send in for your child’s field trip fee, and to make matters worse, you have an important meeting with a client at 9am, which you still need to prep for. You get in the car, turn the key, put it in reverse, and suddenly you hear a huge scraping noise when you realize it…you didn’t even open the garage door. So, you pull forward a few inches, park the car, and get out to assess the damage.

Good News and Bad News

Depending on how hard you backed into the garage door, you might still be able to get it open. Our Grayson garage door experts recommend releasing the track and manually lifting the door, only high enough to get your car out. It’s probably not a good idea to lift the door the entire way. Forcing it could make things worse. Once you’re out, close the door back (again, manually) as far as it will go.

The bad news is that the damage might not just be aesthetic. There could be some internal issues affecting the garage door motor, chain, or track. Depending on how banged up the door is, it could involve some smoothing out of the panels or adjusting the machinery that moves it up and down.

Fortunately, our Grayson garage door repair experts are available for same day service. Your free consultation will give you all of the information you need to decide how to make repairs in the most affordable manner possible. Call us today!

Posted on behalf of Grayson Garage Doors